Why Lighting?

No-one Likes The dark!

Lighting Solutions

Our solutions enable any business or residence to take total control of their electrical lighting.


Fully Programmable

Remote Access

Lights Attract More Business for you



Service Work

We service many businesses throughout the Tri-State area. They have trusted us to keep their lights on for years.


Affordable Maintenance

Less Customer Incident

Never be left the Dark

Lights can now be controlled remotely, and manual lighting solutions of the Old Days is Fading Quickly, UPDATE NOW!

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ANY Application

Whether your a Steel Plant, a Car Manufacturer or a Small Pig Farm in the Country, We can install lights for ANY NEED, So let us Design a lighting solution that's right for YOU!

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We do Commercial & Residential.

Lighting for Customers, Business Pools, Driveways, Doors, or Even a Whole Community.

Lights are what invite your customers into your place of business. Not only do they catch customers’ attention and indicate that you are open for business, they also showcase your products and workspace that you take pride in. Proven by our years of experience in the industry and widespread client base, our lighting solutions will help to bring your business to life. From Industrial to One single light fixture, we have done it all. Our lighting solutions have given us our name for many years now. We are not new to lighting, and you shouldn’t hire someone who is. We are licensed Electricians who practice safety first. After we are finished, you won’t have to worry about highly dangerous electrical situations, you can relax and enjoy the beauty we like to create.

Check our Reviews ONLINE Below. We're proud to mention that some of our customers are Police Departments.