Why Surveillance?

Do you have a need to view?

    Ip Cameras

    Ip Cameras allow instant live view for any application. These cameras hook up to your Ethernet connection on your router.


    Quick Live Viewing

    Find out who is comming and going

    Remote Access granting based on Imaging, and Cloud based storage


    Closed Circuit Television is older technology, however, newer systems now have been integrated with Ethernet ports for remote viewing.


    Large data Storage Capacity, more reliable

    Quick Live View

    Easier Video Playback for occurrences


    Our CCTV Job -vs- Our Competitions


    Clean and Neat


    What a Mess

    Update Your Old Cameras Now!

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    ANY Application

    Whether your a Steel Plant, a Car Manufacturer or a Small Pig Farm in the Country, We have Solutions for ANY NEED, So let us Design One for YOU!

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    Up To 8 Megapixel

    • Reduce Internal/ External Theft
    • Deter Criminal Activity
    • Investigate Loss or Vandalism
    • Provide Peace of Mind for Employees and Ownership
    • Reduce False Alarm Calls
    • Reduce Insurance Claims for Accidents and Workmen’s Compensation
    • Provide Law Enforcement with Evidence to Investigate and Prosecute
    • Monitor Employee Productivity
    • Use Video for Promoting Positive Behavior and Counseling for Negative Behaviors.

    We also do Residential.


    Watch Pools, Driveways, Doors, or Even a Whole Community.

    Check our Reviews ONLINE Below. We're proud to mention that some of our customers are Police Departments.

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